Russo & Longo was founded at the end of the 1800s, the legacy of a family firm for many generations dedicated to vine cultivation and wine making, and the cultivation of grains and livestock.

The founder, Felice Russo, in 1910 emigrated to the United States to the state of West Virginia and later to the state of New York, where he remained for 20 years. Returning to Italy, he bought another piece of land and enlarged his Firm, that at the time was being managed by his children, integrating it with new cultures and innovative methods for the time period.

Russo & Longo, the present name of the Firm, is a long ancient story of wise, dignified, and tenacious men who are tied to the land of Petelia, sons of an ancestral passion for the cultivation of vine and olives.

Petèlia, ancient name of the current city of Strongoli, in the first and second century B.C., was a colony faithful to Rome during the Punic Wars, and took part in the movement against Hannibal, the Carthagian commander.
Evidence of this splendid time period is the marble basement, currently located in the naves of the Cathedral of the city, a graphic expression of the will of Magno Megonio, a will subscribed by a notary, in which it is clearly cited the devise of a vineyard, expressed as “ Vite Aminee”, that means without colour.

Near where the Firm is located, you can find a monument called “Pietra di Tesauro”, the grave of Consul Marcellus, a Roman commander, who died in battle during the war against the Carthagianians led by Hannibal. The archeological reference emphasizes the importance in which the vineyards and wine have been expressed for milleniums in this territory.

Today the Firm, that is currently in its 4th generation, represents the continuity of a project that since the beginning has put at the centre of its initiatives the ensemble of values dedicated to the land and the vineyards. This represents the soul, the integrity, and the great propelling force for the future and the growth of the Firm in the fields of wine and olives.