Rosé IGT Calabria

Almarisa comes from the best ripe Gaglioppo grapes, carefully harvested by hand to be removed from the stem and softly pressed upon arrival in the cellar, during the first processing. Peels, juice and pulp are transferred to a winemaker, inside which they remain for a short period, during which the heart of the winemaking takes place, which recalls the traditional style of our territory, through some pumping over which allows the extraction of color and polyphenols to exploit the qualities of the skin of our grapes in a controlled way. After this phase of maceration on the skins, always in an atmosphere protected from oxygen, we proceed to separate the liquid from the solid part and continue the fermentation without skins, as well as the refinement on the fine lees, in large oak barrels.


Rosé IGT Calabria





Service temperature:

12 - 14 C°

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