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Russo & Longo was born at the end of the 1800th century as the heritage of a family business dedicated for numerous generations to viticulture, olive growing, cereal cultivation and livestock breeding.

The founder Felice Russo, who emigrated to America in 1910, remained there for about 20 years, first in the state of West Virginia and subsequently in the state of New York. Upon returning to Italy he purchased more land and enlarged the company, which in the meantime had been run by his sons, integrating it with new crops and innovative methods for the time. Russo & Longo, which is still the name of the company, is a long ancient history of wise, dignified and tenacious men linked to the lands of Petèlia, children of an atavistic passion for the cultivation of vines and olive trees. Petèlia, ancient name of the current Strongoli, during the Punic wars of the XNUMXst-XNUMXnd century BC, was a colony loyal to Rome and was the protagonist of the exploits against Hannibal, the Carthaginian leader. Witness of that shining era is the marble base, currently located in the naves of the city's Cathedral, an expression of the will of General Magno Megonio, which clearly mentions a legacy in the vineyard, expressed as Vite Aminee, i.e. without colour. Near the company there is a monument called Tesauro Stone, tomb of Consul Marcellus, a Roman leader who died on the battlefield in the war against the Carthaginians commanded by Hannibal. The archaeological reference underlines the importance that the vineyard and wine have expressed for millennia in this area. Today the company, now in its fourth generation, represents the continuity of a project that has always placed at the center of its initiatives the set of values ​​dedicated to the land and the vineyards which represent the soul, the interiority and the great driving force for the future and growth in the wine and olive growing fields.

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