Red IGT Calabria


Obtained from Gaglioppo and Black Greco grapes cultivated in our vineyard in Strongoli with a south-easterly exposure, in earth with a high content of clay. The low stock production and an advanced maturing period, determines the characteristics of this particular wine; with maceration carried out at a controlled temperature then honed into little oaken casks, results in a wine with a high equilibrium.

Harmonic and spicy

A prestigious wine with an imposing yet delicate taste

Olfactory and taste sensations in harmony: forest fruit blends with spice, ripe fruit with cocoa. A pleasant, smooth taste that does not leave the palate, imposing yet delicate. Emotional when paired with important Mediterranean dishes. A peculiarity due to the special drying process carried out using the “pinching” method: the Greco Nero is dried directly on the vine by tapping the trellis, so that no sap reaches the bunch and it dehydrates more quickly. A process facilitated by the notoriously mild climate our area enjoys.

Wine Card

  • Designation:Red IGT Calabria
  • Type:Still
  • Grapes:Gaglioppo, Greco Nero
  • Serve at:18-20 °C