The grand finale for your most important occasions

our Grappas

We have been accompanying your special occasions for years thanks to the unique taste of our wines, now we want to continue to give you emotions to sip after dinner with two absolute novelties: the unfiltered Malvasia and Jachello Grappas.

Grappa produced in Calabria continues to amaze me and give me real emotions!!! This is the case with Russo & Longo's Calabrian grappa, one made with the white grape marc of malvasia and sauvignon and the other is the grappa Jachello made with red grape marc. Both unfiltered and aged in oak barrels, discontinuous distillation in bain-marie with meticulous attention to the cutting of the heads and tails. Two masterpieces that won't let you down, try them and tell me!!
Calabria Gourmet

Unfiltered Grappa Jachello

Intense, enveloping, unique

An intense amber-coloured grappa with a complex, enveloping aroma, enriched with notes of smoke. Distilled using a discontinuous low pressure system with copper stills running on steam and aged in French oak and chestnut barrels. The absence of filtration gives it a rich and persistent flavour, ideal to round off your special occasions.

  • Designation: Unfiltered Grappa Jachello
  • Gradation:45% vol
  • Grapes:Gaglioppo, Greco Nero, Sangiovese.
  • Format:50cl

Unfiltered Grappa Malvasia

Best enjoyed at low temperatures, sublime in its natural state

Made from selected pomace of Malvasia grapes, distilled using a discontinuous low-pressure system with steam-operated copper stills and aged in oak and chestnut barrels. The non-filtering and the use of Malvasia grapes give it a unique aromaticity, which is why it is able to best maintain its characteristics even at low temperatures. Its intense yellow colour combined with the delicate aroma, due to the notes of ripe fruit and vanilla, fully enhance the taste of Grappa Malvasia even in its natural state, creating an unrepeatable sensory experience.

  • Designation:Unfiltered Grappa Malvasia
  • Gradation:42% vol
  • Grapes:Malvasia
  • Format:50cl