Sippin' a story


Grown from our land, soaked for centuries of history and perspirations of proud people. Exclusive selection of Gaglioppo grapes , fermentation and aging process in big wooden barrels, the traditional wine-production passed from father to son embraced all these characteristics of Calabria: pride, passion and sacrifice. We dedicate with love, recognition, and respect for the people that we are part of.

Exclusive selection

Traditional vinification

The star of our winery. A historic wine produced in a limited edition, the result of a careful selection of Gaglioppo grapes from our oldest vineyards. The Decennio presents cherry flavours and aromas, characteristics enhanced by the vinification process that is carried out using the traditional method, inside 2500 litre oak barrels.

Wine Card

  • Designation:Red IGT Calabria
  • Type:Still
  • Grapes:Gaglioppo.
  • Serve at:16-18 °C